Thursday, May 31, 2012

Matt & Erika | 5.31.12

Meet Matt & Erika.  They met while students at Eastern Kentucky University.  Being around and photographing them is like a treat for us - we always enjoy our times with them.  So we are greatly looking forward to their Winchester wedding!

Erika laughed as she told us that a few years ago, while at a friend's wedding, she caught the bouquet and Matt caught the garter!  The funny thing about that situation is... they weren't even dating!  Look at them now - almost married! ;)

Matt supplied the picnic basket for our time in the field.  He was so proud of his find, and rightly so!  It was perfect to complete Erika's picnic spread.

Talk about a DIY (do-it-yourself) girl... Erika's set-up was beautiful - each detail chosen specially.

This couple is dearly loved.  And with good reason!  They are quick to welcome others, and quick to encourage.  That much is obvious even as you spend a little bit of time with these two.

"For you see, each day I love you more.
Today more than yesterday, and less than I will tomorrow."
                                                                                               - Rosemonde Gerard

Matt & Erika... we can't WAIT for your wedding!  Two more days!

Kay & Jill

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ben & McKenna | 5.30.12

When I spent some time with my friend Kristen Booth, at her home in California, I had the opportunity to go with her for Ben & McKenna's 3 year anniversary shoot. We began the session at a park close to L.A.  There were so many fantastic places!

McKenna is a photographer herself, and had the great idea of bringing along a picnic blanket and playing scrabble!

Oh man, I like these next two SO much.  There is something different about the light in California.  It just seems so much easier to find!  These two are perfect for each other.  :)

Side note:  I almost got hit by a fancy Audi after taking this next picture.  After making it to the sidewalk, Kristen cheerfully exclaimed, "Well if you had died, at least it would have been from an Audi!"  ;)

Now for something new!  After enjoying my first experience at In-n-Out Burger, (for which I now have frequent cravings) we headed out to a bridge.  After dark - even better.  This was such a fun place to shoot - in different lighting, being pushed to get different angles, and in a tiny space!

This was an incredibly busy bridge!  But, being a photographer you just have to do everything possible to get the perfect shot.  After much waiting, watching and listening, Kristen ran across the bridge.  It was a success!

Such a fun night!  Thanks Kristen, for letting me tag along!


Friday, May 25, 2012

rachel | SENIOR | 5.25.12

Many of you will recognize this young lady.  Rachel hangs out at Jill & Kay photography often, as she has been shot by us many times (I'm talking about photographs of course!) ...and most importantly, is one of my best friends!  Rachel took a day off from school just so we could get these pictures done.  I think we did quite well :)

Some of Rachel's favorite things include... the color purple, the movie Tangled, bright rainboots, and her beloved pet fish - "Zazu."  Since Zazu couldn't exactly come along with us for the photoshoot, we decided on the turtle rainboots!  :)

Lexington had great options for some different looks that Richmond doesn't always offer.  And we enjoyed roaming around a bit. :)

Future plans for Rachel include: attending EKU this fall and majoring in Elementary education.  And since Rachel is so incredibly fun to be around, I know that one of these days, her students will love her!

We split this session into two parts, because another thing Rachel likes is... SNOW!  (I believe she may be a bit crazy for this one.  Snow is just so cold!  But... it's always better with hot chocolate!)  :)

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!” 
                                                               - Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

Congratulations, Rachel!  :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

evan & rachel (siblings!) | 5.23.12

Would you like to know one of our favorite times to be photographers?  When we get to do pictures with friends!  That is the best.  Just this week, I was reminded of the time almost five and a half years ago before we even knew Evan and Rachel, when we met their dad, Mr. Don, who was at that time, part of the Pastor Search Team from Red House Baptist Church that came to Indianapolis to talk with my dad.  What fun we have had together, and what blessings I (we) have experienced in their friendship!    

A little bit of brother/sister teasing...  Can you tell they love each other?  :)

"For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."  [Psalm 57:10 - NLT]

We switched from a casual outfit, to a formal one, and added their instruments.  Beautiful.  Both Evan and Rachel are gifted musicians ....

Such a strange fella.  (I can say that... I'm his friend.)

It's a big week for this duo, as Rachel will graduate high school and Evan will leave for his summer as a camp counselor/lifeguard.  So consider this post our vote of confidence in you two crazies.  :)  We're excited for the things ahead!