Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baldwin Family | 4.30.11

We are doing some "spring cleaning" ... you know, sorting, sifting, and straightening up our hard drives. In doing so, we had to go back and post some of our favorite family sessions from the fall.  Hope you enjoy these next three families as much as we did.   So much fun and SO many expressions! 

What silly sisters. :)

The light was waning quickly, and I asked the girls if they had any last ideas for pictures. Annah piped up and said she wanted to get a picture in front of the crosses. As we headed that direction, Ella took off running. She looked back over her shoulder and called out, "I'm going to run to the cross!" That simple statement slammed against my heart. That should be our cry, our focus, our aim - in every moment of everyday - to run to the cross of Christ. The world tries so hard to distract us as we run, and unfortunately, often times, it succeeds. We might not stop following Christ altogether, but we'll slow down to a walk, becoming complacent in our relationship with Him. But, He calls us to a more passionate, focused life with Him!


Livers Family | 4.30.11

You might recognize the parents from this family... but you sure won't recognize these boys! My how
they have grown since we saw them last! 

Big brother Carson, loved to make Chase laugh. :)

Talk about a little man!  When we finally got Chase to stand still for a moment, he did give us a great pose!

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart..."
                      - Proverbs 15:13

jill and kay

Taylor Family | 4.30.11

We met the Taylor family at the Rockcastle Trading Company in Mount Vernon, Kentucky.  We had been told it was a beautiful place with all sorts of different picture spots.  Well that was an understatement! This old truck towards the back of the property was my favorite part.  There's just something about old trucks that demand to have their picture taken. :)

I think we might have to hire Brad and Bailey. They were right in there offering a variety of picture ideas. 
 See for yourselves, these boys were  photo-posing geniuses. :)

We thought it so neat that the occasion of this photo session was a wedding anniversary present
 from the Mr. to the Mrs.  Great gift, wouldn't you agree? 

This family was ready for anything, including laying on the ground.  We laughed though because one member of the family closed his eyes and said we might have difficulties getting him back up.  :)

We had the best time, Taylor family!  So excited to share one of our favorite images with you!

Think we need to do this every year?   Same time, same place.
jill and kay

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alex | Senior 2011 | 4.27.11

Often, we drive by things which become so familiar, that we don’t pay much attention to them. Are you like that too? Well today, one of those spots served as a perfect starting point (a.k.a. great location to block some of the wind gusts) for Alex’s Senior pictures. Can’t help but wonder in days gone by what laughter, conversations, and even visits might have transpired on this old front porch right off Main Street.

A couple of our favorites!

We couldn’t resist these of Alex. [Have to say, there’s a first time for everything.] Usually, it’s our younger children who bring along their special blankets and stuffed animals! These will surely bring a smile to your face.

Lastly, since prom is over, it’s now safe to reveal these.
We had so much fun with the dress!  Isn’t it beautiful!

One thing we didn’t lack for on this shoot was ... LAUGHTER!
Notice how subdued and carefree Alex was.  [Not to worry, no one was hurt.]

Dear Janna, had to slip this one in.

Like so many high school seniors, Alex is working to choose her direction this fall.


When you walk, the Lord will guide you.
When you run, He will sustain you.
And when you fly -
Yes, you fly,
He will take you places
you never


Friday, April 22, 2011

Lilianna | Senior 2011 | 4.22.11

So far, our spring has been wet, windy, and rather cool!  We keep waiting for a day of sunshine in order to finish up our 2011 Seniors! 

Thanks to Lilianna, we have now been introduced to a beautiful new location ... Indian Fort Theatre. 
Any time you have location ideas, we're all for that!

   Lest you think the next image is random.  It's not.  Along with Lilianna was her mom and sister.
 There was the sweetest relationship between Lilianna and her little sister. We just couldn't resist this. 
No doubt about it, there's magic between little girls and puppies, don't you think?
[Hello Cecelia.  Hope you don't mind us sharing your puppy with everyone.]

Lilianna came equipped with suitcase in hand (and a variety of clothing). Great choices.
                                  So much fun having the opportunity to help choose outfits!

Lilianna and I discovered we both have three things in common.  We're both seniors. 
We both like Urban Outfitters (nice necklace!) and photography! 

Finally, a favorite image! But, there were so many from your session Lilianna!

Wishing you well, Lilianna, in these days with lots of decisions.
Thank you for the invitation to come your way!