Monday, November 7, 2016

Longview, Texas | Barker Family | 11.7.16

When we met up with the Barker family recently, I teased Amanda that someone had to have swapped her teeny baby girl out for a big girl.  Surely this giggly, energetic gal was not the same little baby we'd photographed a few years ago! 

Though I must say, we were equally as surprised when big brother JR arrived... driving up into the driveway.  "Time flies" has never been more true!  :)

You've just gotta love that little ponytail and big bow!  :)

You'll notice, Addison's smile is just a tad bigger than before.  That's in part due to the fact that she adores her big brother.  The rest of her smile is probably because of the sucker her in mouth.  ;)

Jill & Kay

[Jill & Kay are East Texas portrait and wedding photographers.]

Friday, November 4, 2016

Flyin' Feathers Ranch | Little Wedding | 11.4.16

The day of the Little wedding rolled around with deep blue skies overhead, not a single solitary cloud in sight ... and a breeze to boot!  You couldn't help but feel that the gorgeous day was simply a reflection from the Lord of Grant & Lexi's joy and excitement, magnified by the tremendous friends and family around them. 

Grant wanted to see Lexi for the first time when she walked down the aisle, but they still made a way to spend a few moments talking and praying with each other before the ceremony. :)

(Natalie, I think everyone could tell - you're a total pro at being a flower girl!)

Such sweet expressions!

"Take my hand, and take this ring
 And know that I will always love you through anything

 And as the years march on, like a beating heart
 I will live these words, 'til' death do us part'
 Cause I have never been so sure 
 Of anything before, like I am in this moment here with you"
                                         - Matthew West // When I Say I Do

Although you can't exactly hear volume through still photographs, I believe you can see by these next few, this celebration was sooooo not a quiet one!  :)

Grant & Lexi, we were practically agonizing over which pictures to include in your preview and which to leave out so that we didn't overload the post and crash our blog.   :)   Your day had so many sweet and special moments between you and friends and families.  We know there will be many more of those sweet moments to come in your lives!  Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Little!

Jill & Kay


Mr. & Mrs. Little's wedding day photos will soon be available to view at: