Thursday, March 26, 2015

London, Kentucky | Nora | 3.26.15

Over the years, "the girls" (a.k.a. my dearest friends) have grown accustomed to my ever-present camera.  It's pretty much understood that if we're together, there will be photos taken.  Besides, those times are far too few and too precious to not be documented.

However, the whole camera thing is new to my sweet "nieces & nephews."  And Nora, especially, was not quite sure what to think of Aunt Jill trying to get her to smile for a picture.

Shortly after this picture, she offered me her sippy cup, and all was right with the world.  :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kilgore, Texas | Michael & Sarah | 3.4.15

"You'll have to tell us EXACTLY what to do... we're probably awkward!"

We had to laugh at Michael & Sarah's anxious exclamation at the beginning of  their engagement session!  I think every couple says that at some point or another, which makes it all the sweeter when we come to the end of the session and realize... they actually enjoyed it! This duo followed our instructions very well - and before long, they were practically professionals!  :)

As we were walking back to the parking lot, we came out of the trees to find the sun flooding through the field.  So we HAD to ask for just one last shot.

Jill & Kay

P.S. We know it's a bit backwards, posting the engagements after the wedding.  So if you missed their wedding post... check it out here!  :)  And don't forget… Sarah's bridals!