Monday, September 17, 2018

Sybil | 1 Year Old! | Diana, Texas | 9.17.18

Miss Sybil Faye, you are such a beautiful addition to the Childs family!  We love the way you were always watching what's going on around you the other night, especially big sis. You have some hilarious expressions - but nothing beats that sweet grin of yours!  Seems like just yesterday you were only a week old and Arden Rose was so proud to show you off to us! 😉

ONE YEAR looks good on you, Sybbie!

Introducing the great distraction: chickens... 

And evvvverybody loves a good "behind-the-scenes" shot... Doug is shuffling around behind the chickens, herding them back into the frame, while Kristal is making every noise and hand motion known to motherhood in efforts to snag a smile from the gal in the chair.  Sybbie's expression seems to say she understood the hilarity of the moment. 😁

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

What do you reckon is happening here? 😂

Oh the places you will go, Sybbie!

Auntie Kay & Jill

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