Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brett & Lindsey | London Wedding | 8.25.11

From the time we began downloading and backing up pictures, we could not WAIT to show you some scenes from this day. Have you ever seen one of these at someone’s door? You know, the kind that says ... “Welcome”. We just want you to know we felt it. From start to finish. And after the privilege of spending the day with the Martin and Jones families, there’s no doubt that you too would have been included in that welcome. Such warmth and kindness and hospitality. Thank you Brett and Lindsey for sharing your home, your families, and your friends for the day! It was a joy!

The start of the day. Beautiful sunshine. Then those first dark clouds began to gather. We always know that’s a possibility. It wasn’t just a drizzle. How about torrential rain. Notice our bride. First, at the patio door. Then, the front window. Now, finally on

Lindsey's mom made her veil.

Dad's turn to have a look.  Beautiful daughter.  Beautiful bride.

[Take note of the current weather conditions compared to the beginning of our post!]

If this tree could talk, I wonder the stories it would tell! We have it on good authority that Brett spent many hours and many adventures out here. From our vantage point you could even see some of his "leftover building supplies" at the base of the tree.  What a perfect place for pictures waiting for that first look at his bride! 

We have so been WAITING for this.  For a bride and groom to choose to do a "first look." Such a special moment when Lindsey stood waiting for Brett to turn around. No pressure.  No one waiting on them to get done with pictures.  But instead, just an opportunity for them to share in the excitement of each other and what the day ahead held.  Probably the greatest part of all was their reactions towards each other.  No one was more excited than we were to know we had the details of those first memorable moments.

Thought how great it was that the girls enjoyed making their own bouquets together!

SERIOUSLY?! Brett. The bride usually throws the bouquet. But, it’s your wedding!

You almost wonder if there has been some sort of arrangement to this marriage?  I'm just sayin'.

This was one of those wedding ceremonies where it was hard not to tear up.  So many special moments with family. Sincere evidence of their love for the Lord and desire to seek after Him.  Heartfelt vows written and spoken by two - Brett and Lindsey - who truly treasure each other.

[Little Miss Drama Queen. Lovvvved her expressions throughout the ceremony. Here’s one.] 

Coming in the door at the reception, I caught sight of this. Such anticipation. Waiting for Brett and Lindsey so the party can begin!

The first dance ...

Lindsey, we'd love to know if this was a warning of some type.

To tell you that there was a huge spirit of celebration surrounding the reception is an understatement! Wow! We watched Lindsey and Brett's lives touch every individual there, from young to old. This was their time to enjoy with EVERYONE! (Should we tell you that the place was rockin’! You could not even hear the thunderstorms outside.  That's right, rain again!) 

Light those sparklers.  Who cares about the rain!

And since we're a day late on getting your wedding preview uploaded, how about one more.  A favorite!

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Brett and Lindsey ... how much fun can one day have! Oh-so-grateful for your friendship. Wishing you much joy!

jill & kay