Monday, September 15, 2014

Perot Museum | Dallas, Texas | 9.15.14

Unbelievably, it seems that summer is over.  We had a few "adventures" during the past months, and figured we'd keep our summer going by sharing one of our favorites.  :)

I honestly like exploring museums.  Kay Lynn, on the other hand, is a bit more, shall we say, reserved with her excitement.  Because of this, when searching for museums to visit in Dallas, I searched for a place that was "super fun and kid-friendly."  Turns out, the Perot Museum fit the bill!  Our excursion was made even better by the addition of the Brown family to our company!  (You might recognize Weston, our friend, side-shooter, and occasionally the guy we call to pick us up after our car breaks down.)

FOUR STORIES of escalators.  Pretty cool - not to mention a great view! 

(I told her she'd have fun.)

While we don't agree with the museum's timeline of "millions of years ago"... the dinosaur room was pretty cool - and the Brown kiddos were total pros at putting together the wall puzzles!  :)

We can now check off the Perot Museum on our list of things to do and see in Texas!  One down... a lot more to go!  :)  If you've got any Texan "must-see's" you think we should add to our list - let us know!

Jill (& Kay!)

P.S. A special thanks to the Brown family for going with us - we had a blast!!!  ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flying Feathers Ranch Wedding | Pat & Danielle | 9.10.14

"As we grow old, may it be told, that we,
never lost our flame
If love’s a fire, then our desire, is to burn,


Everyday and night

Together we will grow
Makin' the most of life
As we hold each other close"
                            - Million Miles by Josh Garrels

These lyrics sang out while Pat & Danielle danced for the first time as husband and wife - beaming as they swirled around the dance floor, laughing and singing along, reveling in the moment.  

The day leading up to the celebration in the barn was every bit as special as that first dance. It began with Danielle's mom and bridesmaids piling into her apartment, each of them excited to see the wedding dress...

Paintball.  That's how Pat & his groomsmen started off the wedding day... playing paintball!  We were all glad to see they arrived uninjured.  :)

These guys were raring to go, arms up and ready to do some "ushering" as the guests arrived for the ceremony.

Here it is!  The moment we have been so excited to share!  :)  Pat's granny and Danielle's granny took on the role of flower girls, throwing paper hearts into the aisle, marking the way for Danielle's entrance.  We are convinced that these sweet ladies had more fun than anyone else who walked down the aisle, except the bride of course!

"A cord of three strands    
     is not easily broken."
                        Ecclesiastes 4:12

Great words of encouragment were spoken at the ceremony by a dear friend of Danielle & Pat's...
Together you, Danielle and Pat, declare Christ as the center of your marriage.
Together, you will advance the cause of Christ and His Kingdom
Together, you must remember to live your life with eternity in mind, 
making an impact on those around you for Christ.  

"You have stolen my heart with one look of your eyes."
                                     Song of Solomon 4:9

Leading up to the wedding, the bride and groom worked to collect 300+ bottles to paint and use on their reception tables.  Applause to the bridal party, who came together as a pro decorating team to transform the barn into a great party space!

The new Mr. & Mrs.!  :)

Congratulations, Pat & Danielle.  Blessings on your journey!  ;)

Jill & Kay

Makeup: Kelsey Lange
Venue: Flying Feathers Ranch
Catering: Perfect Catering


Mr. & Mrs. Thompson's wedding day photos will soon be available to view at: