Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jeff & Meagan | Tankersley Gardens (Mount Pleasant, Texas) | 8.28.13

Jill and Kay:  "So, tell us more about your wedding day!?!"  
Meagan:  "We're having a chocolate fountain!"  

Talk about a bride who knows what's important!  :)  

If you happened to be in the lobby of the hotel the morning of Jeff & Meagan's wedding, you could gather from the conversation and greetings that there were a number of people with connections to the bride and groom, all of them looking forward to the afternoon ceremony.  Everything about the morning was so relaxed.  There was no hurry.  Just easy, with lots of time to enjoy conversation.  That “carefree” spirit continued throughout the entire day.  Tankersley Gardens was peaceful and quiet as you walked through the trees and down the path.  The white chapel and glassed in reception area was the perfect place for Jeff & Meagan to be married.  

Jeff and Meagan are such a special couple.  Everyone present for the day felt the genuine love they shared for family and friends.  And they clearly demonstrated that the greatest treasure is found in God’s Word!  How wonderful it will be through the years to come when they are able to see the Scripture that was marked for them by all those who entered the chapel. 

The beauty of this father-daughter dance was a moment to frame!

Nobody wanted to miss anything... :)

 I cherish the treasure of you,
Lifelong companion, I give myself to you,
God has enabled me, to walk with you faithfully,
And cherish the treasure of you.

The time passed so quickly.  I think everyone (including us!) was surprised when it was time to go home!

Jill & Kay

P.S. If you missed Meagan's bridal portraits, you can see them here!  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remington | 8.21.13

When Kay and I first started shooting, we found our sessions to be mostly with toddlers and preschoolers. 
After all, they should be easy right?!  Wrong.  Now we know the truth.  You better put your running shoes on, because the minute those tiny feet hit the ground, they're like lizards ... stop and go. Stop and go!

So naturally, we come to these sessions knowing that most likely images of them with their backs to us (i.e. on the go in the opposite direction from us:) will outnumber those serene, calm, sitting ones .... but hey, that's okay.  That's not who they are at the moment!  And the best thing is, when we find those moms/dads/grandparents who are not bothered by that and just give us the opportunity to shoot them doing what they do!

So all that said, our jaws dropped open, because as we raised our cameras, this sharp-dressed little man turned and smiled and stared straight into the lens.  No shyness, and no flinching, no running.  Talk about the little model ... meet Remington!  He is every bit as gentle and sweet as he looks.

I can tell you there's one thing we've learned ...
 these "small ones" make little moments, BIG memories!

It's all about EXPLORATION!

We are all about surprises!  And this session was planned to be a surprise for Remington's dad.  These just make us melt!

We were excited to again work alongside the ladies of Sweet Pickins.  They did a fabulous job in choosing just the right props for a curious little boy.  The most brilliant idea of all?  Filling that round bin with freshly popped popcorn!  We had no problem keeping Remington in one place... all we had to do was sprinkle a little popcorn in front of him.  ;)

A favorite!  After all that popcorn, Remi was thirsty, and was appalled to find out that all those bottles... were empty!

We would get up every morning to be on location by 7:30 a.m. as we did this morning just to get this kind of beautiful lighting!  Remington, you made it such a great time!

Jill & Kay

Props and styling by Sweet Pickins Vintage Rentals!