Monday, December 15, 2014

Longview, Texas | Peteet Family | 12.15.14

Having corresponded with Allison via email for a while, we were so looking forward to meeting her crew for their mini session.  So as usual, we arrived at our location early, just to scout things out. This time, we found that something had indeed changed since last we'd visited our little spot... KITTENS.  Four or five of them came bounding fearlessly around my ankles - curious little bundles of fluff.  Unfortunately, I made eye contact with a blue-eyed kitten and he apparently took that to mean I'd invited him to be part of the Peteet family photo shoot. 

Those kittens followed us with every move.  And though their cuteness did prove to be a slight distraction for little eyes... this gal gave us her best smiles.  :) 

"As soon as I met you, 
I knew an adventure 
was going to happen." 
                                        - Winnie the Pooh

Peteet Family, thanks for braving the kittens with us!  :)  And thanks for the opportunity to hear part of your story!


Jill & Kay