Monday, March 19, 2018

Longview, Texas | Arden Rose's Puppy "Paw-ty" | 3.19.17

We are honored and excited to see our photos of Arden Rose's Puppy "Paw-ty" featured on Kara's Party Ideas!  Kristal's creativity practically sparkled in the delightful mix of puppies and sprinkles and bright colors.  The party was for a 3-year-old... but I know plenty of 23-year-olds (or 43-year-olds) who would jump at the chance to celebrate with such a shindig! 

Oh, as you scroll through the photos... take extra notice of the name tags adorning the stuffed pups.  You will be amused. 

If you're looking for an extraordinary kind of cake - talk to Jennifer over at Calavera Cakery.  Not only did she make Arden Rose's birthday cake taste delicious, but HELLO!  She made a sweet little Millie to sit at attention on top! 

AR's grandparents - Mr. Steve & Mrs. Deadre - have a backyard that can easily be described as an East Texas oasis.  Lush green grass and blooms everywhere ... it is a perfect place to party.  Also, Arden's super-cute party duds?  From the skirt to the bows - that's all Mrs. Deadre! 

Sprinkles and sugar and puppies, everywhere!  When Doug announced, "Who wants cake!?" ... a swarm of munchkins arrived at the table, enthralled with the cake-cutting process, anxiously awaiting a colorful slice for themselves. (Plenty of adults were lined up at the dessert table, too!)


We love you, Arden Rose!  Time spent with you (and now with Sybbie, too!) is always worth celebrating!

Auntie Kay & Jill 😘

P.S. You can read Kristal's words about the party and see it featured over on Kara's Party Ideas by clicking here!