Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jashylla | 5.25.13

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."
                                                      - Shakespeare

From the very beginning, this girl was ready to be in charge of her own photoshoot.
She even thought maybe she should take hold of the camera...   :)

Love the way she always has a sparkle in her eye...

We were so tickled at how nonchalant Jashylla was with the strange things we were having her do.  Sit on a suitcase in the middle of a path?  No problem, she worked like a pro.  :)

Jashylla is sooooo close to standing up on her own.  She'll pull up and let go, and everyone gasps while she... wobbles and grins and plops back down.

You can already tell that this girl is an adventurer!

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above..."
                                                                                          James 1:17

We couldn't end without getting in at least one picture.  :)  Jashylla, we love you, sweet girl!

jill & kay

P.S.  All the wonderful props are from Pursuing Eden Vintage Rentals!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

dalton & kristina | 5.4.13

Panera has become our "office" of sorts, until we have a regular office again.  And hey - it's kinda nice to be able to offer all sorts of drinks or muffins while we talk with clients!  After our meeting with Kristina and Dalton, Kay and I were pulling out of the parking lot, when Dalton ran back across the way, pretending to narrowly miss being hit by our car.  He called out, "Gosh - you don't wanna hit me, then you wouldn't get paid, cause there'd be no wedding without the groom!"  We laughed, and knew then we wouldn't have any problems getting along with this couple.  :)

After living in Kentucky for five years, Kay and I had developed quite a familiarity of our area.  We knew exactly which fields were better to shoot in for different seasons, which alleys got the best light and the least traffic, which roads you could do a little friendly trespassing on without dogs chasing you... even which creeks had the least amount of snakes or fish.  So with this being our first spring in Texas, we've logged a lot of miles on our scouting outings.  And we've been pretty excited about the places we've found!

"We love because He first loved us."
                           - 1 John 4:19

The day of the photoshoot, dark clouds rolled overhead, and we debated with whether or not to reschedule - especially since Dalton & Kristina were traveling to meet us in Longview.  We try to wait till the very last second to call off a shoot, since you never can tell what the weather will do.  However, on this day, the sun came out just in time, and the light was beautiful.  See what I mean?

Let us introduce you to Dalton and Kristina's puppy... Jet.  Talk about an energetic little dog!  He had a blast on the photoshoot.  The wildflowers were taller than him, so he hopped around like a little rabbit, darting this way and that.  He had to have slept well that night!

Cause we are gonna be forever,
 you and me,--------
you always keep me flying 
              high in the sky.  

How's this for a new spin on the "ring shot?"  Kristina said she'd been working with Jet for a while to get him to balance things on his nose.  It took a few tries, but finally Jet was still for a moment.  :)

A favorite from the evening...

Dalton & Kristina, we enjoyed our time with you and your crew!  Can't wait for the wedding!  :)

Jill & Kay 

The beautiful tent and quilt rented from Prairie Sage Events!