Monday, June 25, 2012

a change | 6.25.12

About eight months ago, we booked what we thought would be Robert & Elise's destination wedding.  We were so excited to have the opportunity to travel out of state.  Little did we know that by the time their big day rolls around, instead of living 15 hours away from our destination, we will only live 3 hours away! 

 jill & kay photography... is changing locations.
You guessed it! We're moving!

As Christians, we are asked to follow God's leading and direction wherever He calls.  We couldn't be more certain that His most recent direction for us (which of course includes Dad & Mom) is leading us to be part of the ministry at Oakland Heights Baptist Church in Longview, Texas.  

When we are obedient to follow God, He always brings blessings.  That is evident in the way we have been blessed in the five years since we were obedient to coming to Richmond from Indianapolis.  One such blessing has been, namely, jill & kay photography.  Yes!  We will so miss this area and the friendships we have here, but excited about the opportunity to find home again in Longview! [One of us, by the way, is Texan by birth.  I can say that, because this is my blog.]

We know that in light of our big news, some of you probably have some questions, so we've done our best to answer them:

Can I schedule a session before you move?
Due to our move, we will only have an opportunity to complete the sessions we currently have booked.

Can I still order prints and products from my session?
We certainly hope you will!  Never fear!  Your images will be archived for additional orders in the future. You probably won't want to stop by the house in Longview to pick them up.  However, we have quite a bit of experience in packing and shipping, so we'll ship them straight to your door!  [Please note that shipping charges will occur on every order placed after July 14th, 2012.]

If I have a wedding or a special event I want you to be part of, is there an option for you to travel?
YES - we do travel!  We love Kentucky and would be THRILLED to discuss travel options with you.  While Longview is a 13 hour drive from the Richmond area, it is only a hop and a skip by plane!  (We like having to walk out to the plane on the tarmac at our tiny Longview airport, so PLEASE fly us to you!)  :)

Can I just pay you to live in our closet and document every minute of every day with my family and make you NOT move to Texas? 
Ummmm... no.  We don't enjoy living in closets.  :)

With excitement and a bit of sadness,
jill & kay

[Oh! If you're reading from Texas... WELCOME!  We're headed your way soon!  We'll start scheduling photoshoots in the Longview area beginning August 13th!]

Friday, June 22, 2012

mr. & mrs. iranpour | 6.23.12

From the first time that I met Matt and Erika, I knew we wanted the opportunity to do their wedding!  First impression?  They were both individuals we would enjoy spending more time with.  Aaaannnnnd, the one thing we immediately saw in Matt and Erika was the way they genuinely cared for other people.

I have to tell you though, we breathed a sigh of relief when the rays of sunshine came through the window early on this Saturday morning, because the day before had been cold (not just cool!), windy, and rainy (torrential downpours!).  And this wedding was to be outdoors at the historical Holly Rood home - one of the most historic homes in Clark County, constructed in 1813 by James Clark (12th Governor of Kentucky).

As we sat down to start through their folders, I was amazed at how family and friends were at work!   Each of them carrying out specific and detailed responsibilities so lovingly planned out months ahead by Erika and Matt.  And they had such fun!  Everyone apart of things.  Everyone busy.  Everyone working to make it special for Matt and Erika.  

See for yourself.  You will smile at the fact that Erika is sitting in front of the upstairs window (while her mom does her hair), and looking down below as Matt, Alex and Tyler, and Mr. Malek (Matt's dad) worked to begin setting up chairs for guests.  (I even saw Mom down there helping with some of the chairs.  That’s just the way Matt and Erika are.  They make you want to be part of what they are doing!) 

Love this!  The girl is all dressed up and ready to go! Would you think she could get any higher off the ground!?  Oh well.  Sometimes love makes you act this way.  :)

Matt and Erika opted for a First Look!

If I had to show you one image that would be my most memorable moment from the wedding, it would be this. (See, we do try to stay as inconspicuous as possible so that it's just the two of you!)

Little details were everywhere!  Erika and her friends made dozens and dozens of pinwheels - each unique.  They where scattered all throughout the wedding day. 

It was so obvious that Matt and Erika find such treasure in their friendships! If we had time (and space), there would be dozens of faces from their wedding day on this blog post! 
You're known by the company you keep. :)

So remember we've mentioned details? Matt and Erika showed us the most important detail in their lives!  Jesus Christ. I know that the joy we see exhibited in their lives comes only because they know  Christ as Lord of their lives.  He IS the detail in their lives which will enable them to love each other for their whole lives, with their whole hearts!

Officially official ...

Notice the cake topper!  Painted by none other than our DIY bride!

 Erika. Always smiling. 

A whole lotta FUN ... 
Matt and Erika created a day that was just as much about their guests as it was them!

Together  ...
becomes the memories that the heart never forgets!

Words can’t express how thankful we are to have been apart of your love story, Matt and Erika.  It has been an honor to get to know you.  How easy you made it for us to not only simply capture your day, but to be among those you called family and friends on your wedding day celebration!  Our prayer for you ...

May His Word be a lamp for you,
A guide to light your way,
A solid place to set your feet,
A compass when you stray.

May you live your lives to praise Him,
Not for fortune, nor for fame,
May everything you say and do
Bring glory to His Name.

Kay & Jill

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

cam & rachel | 6.19.12

If you haven't taken a stroll through downtown Berea lately, you may want to put that on a list of things to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  We met Cam & Rachel there last week, since PapaLeno's (a delicious pizza place) was the first place Cam took Rachel on a date.  (Oh - and if you take us up on the idea of a stroll... stop by for one of their garlic breadsticks.  Trust me, it's worth it.)

I've known Cam for a number of years, as we met while students at the University of the Cumberlands.  And while I'd met Rachel at Brett & Lindsey's wedding, this was really the first time we'd gotten to talk to each other.  We had a blast, and between Mom, Kay, Cam, Rachel, and I, there was almost constantly someone laughing.

Cam can get a little crazy at times, but I don't think we've got to worry, cause it seems that Rachel is an expert at keeping him in line.   ;)

Rachel laughed when I asked to see her outfits.  Cam opened the back of his car and it looked as though they'd set up a traveling clothing shop.  :)  But it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. And the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. looked sharp!

Thanks, Cam, for being a trooper... even though the sun was in your eyes.  :)

"For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. 
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."
                               - Psalm 57:10

Cam & Rachel, we so appreciate you and your desire to put God first in your relationship and your wedding!  Thanks for such a fun evening.  :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ian | 6.12.12

"Babies are such a
nice way to start people."
                                  - Don Herold

If you've followed anything of ours, you've surely seen our little buddy Braeden on the blog and on our website.  We are proud to introduce to you Braeden's little brother... Ian!  We're excited to see him again soon for his next session!

Big brother Braeden had to get in on lovin' on baby Ian.  :)

Is he not the cutest little chunk of a boy?  :)

We have to commend Holli for all the work she's put in over the years to make sure her boys' lives are well documented.  Each session with her boys has been special and unique.  We so appreciate her desire to capture these memories as her boys grow and change.  And boy do those changes happen fast!

"Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from Him."
                                    - Psalm 127:3

We love you, sweet Ian!   :)