Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Nails Workshop: WEDDING | 7.30.13

You've seen the engagements, and the bridals... now for the wedding!  Wrapping up the "story" from the Three Nails Photography Workshop, our bride and groom featured in this styled 1800's prairie wedding were married on a sunny (turned drizzly) Louisiana day.  

The wagon was built by Hunter specifically for this session...

If you are reading this and interested in vintage props, there are tons of great opportunities in the Longview area to buy or rent.  All the props featured in the workshop sessions are from the talented ladies of Pursuing Eden.

It was a mad dash to get this session set up (and packed away) between the raindrops!

Since our model bride's beautiful jacket really was crafted in the 1800's, she was extra cautious, as the stitches threatened to fall out with too much movement.  :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the workshop.  The sessions were such fun to shoot, and I made some new friends along the way!  :)


Workshop (and wagon!): Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography
Venue: Los Paloma in Benton, LA
Hair and Makeup: Meka Bennett Reliford
Props and styling: Pursuing Eden

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matt & Alison | 7.25.13

We love opportunities to see more of what East Texas looks like, so we were glad when Alison offered the idea of using her parents’ home for engagement pictures of she and Matt!  While westward bound on I20 the night of their shoot, we saw huge, black rain clouds with streaks of lightening.  We figured that meant we'd have to reschedule... but to our surprise, the rain stayed away from the house and we were able to finally meet the Tennessee fella we've heard so much about.  :)

Sometimes love makes you act this way!

Matt and Alison, you made this look so easy.   (Especially since the humidity was so high that we were struggling to keep our camera lenses from fogging up!)

We liked Matt immediately!  We knew the evening was off to a great start when we heard Matt say, “Alison, move over, they want to focus on me now!”   :)

Several weeks later, we met up again on a day that was a bit more pleasant!  This time we started down by the creek...

A total favorite!

As you can see, everybody wanted to see what was going on during the shoot.  The golf cart made several rounds, each time with different passengers.  :)  And then of course, Bear thought we were there for him!

Today is a gift.
 For all to soon, today becomes yesterday.

When it was all said and done, we walked away even more excited about Matt & Alison's wedding!   We also walked away with a bag full of vegetables picked from fresh from the garden that morning!  (Thank you Mrs. Sue Ann!)  And thanks to each of you for making us feel right at home.  Looking forward to meeting your family as well, Matt!

Jill & Kay

Monday, July 8, 2013

Liberty | 7.8.13

Even though we live in Texas now, there was a time when we were just here to visit family.  It was on one of those occasions that I recall our Aunt Robbie sharing there was a new baby expected in the house next door!  Fast forward.  We had a perfect evening couple of weeks back to finally meet that "little" baby! Only now - she is already walking! 

This is Liberty.  She is so loved!  Obviously, her parents are quite taken with her and so were we! 

  Favorites!  (The one on the right cracks us up!)

Is this not just A.DOR.ABLE!!   "Life, Liberty!, and the Pursuit of Happiness."  :)

For most of Liberty’s session, all we saw was... a blur!  Those bare feet were always running in one direction or another.  :)

Liberty loved the way her Dad tossed her up and caught her, and we couldn’t help but smile at her little giggly laugh.

Serious blue eyes!!!

Such an enjoyable time with this family!  Liberty can come home with us anytime! This is a definite indication that SHE was done, don't you think! :)

Jill & Kay