Saturday, January 21, 2017

Diana, Texas | Ilse, SENIOR '17 | 1.21.17

The minute Ilse mentioned that she was ready to take her senior pictures, we knew it meant a trip to the Anderson farm.  Our arrival was greeted by a passel of the cutest bloodhound puppies you ever did see, along with half a dozen other curious critters.  Everybody must have known something special was going on!

Mrs. Kim pointed out the paths to take as we drove back further onto their property - with 4 people, 2 dogs, and a menagerie of furniture and wardrobe changes loaded in the back of the car.  (Talk about well prepared!)  The Anderson family had scouted out several special locations for the occasion, each one beautiful!

Brodie, Ilse's little dog, was the first one in the car.  (Though I had to move him out of the driver's seat!)  It's quickly evident that Ilse doesn't go very far without Brodie at her heels.  I'd imagine the same will be true with the newest puppy on the farm, Zipporah!  :)

Our "audience."  

Favorite shot...  

As you can tell, this roly-poly puppy was not content to sit calmly by the sidelines and wait.  She was in search of the spotlight, and made her way into the background of quite a few photographs.  :)

Freya was not to be left out - and was happy to don a pretty tasseled bridle for her time in front of the camera!

Ilse, we sure enjoyed our evening on the farm!  We pray that you finish well in your senior year, and are confident the Lord will lead you in this new season of your life!  Oh, and Mrs. Kim, you deserve a medal for your role in wardrobe changes and animal wrangling.  :) 

Jill & Kay