Wednesday, September 25, 2013

King Family | Richmond, KY | 9.25.13

Introducing the sweetest little fella! Already 6 months old! Uncovering Grayson from his car seat, we learned from his mom and dad that he had just NOT gotten his nap out.  But this little man was a joy, even though a bit later he was soooooo sleepy that he could barely hold his eyes open. :) It was a delight for us to spend some time with this sweet family (and especially his proud Grandmother Joy!) and celebrate their miracle! Grayson is truly a gift beyond measure!

"I will praise You,
for I am fearfully 
and wonderfully made."  
                                              Psalm 139:14

"Let's begin...          
by taking a smallish nap
                  or two."   
                                                            Winnie the Pooh

  These are some serious beautiful big blue eyes!

Instant love. A favorite!

"Sometimes the smallest things
 take up the most room in your heart."  
                               Winnie the Pooh 

Tyler and Marie, very obviously, you adore this little one.  Your smiles say it all!  Thank you for allowing us to spend a little time with you!

Jill & Kay

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SENIOR 2014: Logan | Richmond, KY | 9.21.13

Already, I was excited about our trip to Kentucky.  But I was especially excited because this also happens to be the senior year of a good friend of mine (ours)! So basically, I didn't give Logan a choice - whether he wanted it or not, Jill and I WERE going to take his senior pictures!  (So glad his mom and dad agreed with me!)  :)  

Logan, we're proud of who the Lord is creating you to be.  You are an incredible example to the people around you as you seek to follow Christ.  Excited to see you living a life committed and connected to what matters most!

Sometimes we wish you could see what is going on in the background. Like trying to keep the neighbor's exceptionally friendly dog from making an appearance in the pictures.  Makes for fun memories!

We've been trying to get an Armstrong family picture for 6 years!  Mission accomplished!  :)

A definite favorite...

Loving the bowtie! 

"If Jesus is truly living in me, 
I won't be able to hide Him."
                        [Matthew 5:15]

I really think we had the best end of this deal.  A photo session and supper!  Doesn't get much better than that!  Time with you all reminds us of things to treasure and celebrate, especially family and friendship.  

Thanks Armstrong family for a great evening!  We love you all!

Kay (& Jill)
Hope we remind you of your finest things so you can treasure, savor and celebrate them! - See more at:

Hope we remind you of your finest things so you can treasure, savor and celebrate them! - See more at:

Hope we remind you of your finest things so you can treasure, savor and celebrate them! - See more at:
Hope we remind you of your finest things so you can treasure, savor and celebrate them! - See more at:
Hope we remind you of your finest things so you can treasure, savor and celebrate them! - See more at:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kenny & Brooke | Williamsburg, Kentucky | 9.18.13

I heard this comment from Brooke multiple times over the past few years:  "I'll be the last one to get married, cause I want to wait till I'm at least 30.  No, make that 35."

Then, in July of 2012 I heard: "I have this friend.  His name is Kenny and we've been kinda hanging out.  I think he likes me... and I might like him.  But we're gonna take it super slow."

By September she was gushing this through the phone: "Jill. He's the one. I know this sounds crazy but Kenny is the one!  I CAN'T WAIT TO BE MARRIED!"

So this August 31st found Kay & I (happily) back in a familiar place among the mountains of Eastern Kentucky with Kenny & Brooke, and many friends and family.   Despite a threat of rain, the sun shone bright and clear the morning of the Jackson/James wedding.  From the time of prayer at the bridal breakfast, to the much-anticipated first look, to the vows written by the bride and groom, to the joy and laughter of the celebration, to the last moments running through rain and sparklers... the day held many surprises and many cherished moments. 

First Baptist Church, Williamsburg, Brooke's home chuch, was the setting for the day's events.  Built in 1926, it has such beautiful architecture and quite a history!

Over the years I was blessed to be able to sing with friends for different times of worship on our campus.  I was honored to reunite with Geoffery and Dillon for the ceremony.  The words from the song Brooke & Kenny chose were powerful ones - words that they fully believe and live.

"I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection

Why should I gain from His reward?

I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom"

                      [How Deep the Father's Love]

Kenny chose to remember and honor his mother as he spoke his vows to Brooke: 
"People tell me from time to time how proud my Mom 
would be of the man I have become, but I believe that the 
thing she would be most proud of is the woman I have 
chosen to spend the rest of my life with."

What's a wedding reception without a little competition?  :)

"...let your light shine..." 
                                           - Matthew 5:16

Kenny & Brooke, thank you for letting us celebrate with you!  

Much love,
Jill & Kay

P.S. I (Jill) also want to take this time to point out a few things, since it's my blog, and since Brooke is over 800 miles away, she can't pinch me with her lobster claw fingers if I say too much.  (1) She once almost broke my toe with a door, but still denies it.  (2) There was a night I thought I was hearing things and going crazy - but it was Brooke playing a ringtone through the wall - on purpose.  (3) She likes to video me in my tiredest hours and then show people... who don't even know me!  (4) I can't say anymore or she'll hunt me down.  Love you, Brooke!

Mr. & Mrs. James' wedding day photos will soon be available to view at: