Saturday, June 25, 2011

Josh & Sarah | Engagement | 6.25.11

For a while now, we have watched some of our favorite lifestyle photographers incorporate into their sessions a variety of props which reflect a little about their clients. We like that! It’s fun! Fun for them. Fun for the photographer.

Sometimes though, it's hard to get people to do out of ordinary things.  We have the idea it’s all about ... "look at the camera and say cheese." With that said, you won’t believe what going into the little antique store up on Main Street triggered! Jill and I hadn’t been in there two minutes until we saw this stack of old books. What could be more perfect for two teachers! [Poor Sarah and Josh had no clue what they were in for!] Along with the books, we added (of course) blonde brownies - sorry about the chocolate Sarah - plus our version of strawberry lemonade, and a little table right out there in the middle of what once was known as Iris Hill. For those of you who enjoy history (we do), THIS is Daniel Boone country! Don't imagine he ever saw anything like this. :)

Making the choices for this blog post was really tough! 
We had to include several of these in front of this old church.   

This one is at the top of our list to be a favorite image!

The weather was predicted as rain. ALL DAY. As in thunderstorms and even hail. So thankful that the clouds scattered, and with it came blue skies! Love the reflection!

A note from [our Mom] ...
Dear Sarah and Josh,
At times, I will pick up some of the various pictures Jill has in frames sitting on a little stand near her bed. One recently caught my attention with this title ... “UC Family Group ‘09."   Sarah, YOU were in the group with those girls!  As I looked at that picture and then I looked at these, I realize once again how quickly moments pass that will never come again. And that’s what makes these next ones so precious. Love each other deeply. Before you know it, tomorrow is today, and today is yesterday.   - Carole

School's out! Summer break!  Except, there's the matter of some unfinished homework.

I feel extraordinarily blessed to be asked to share in the upcoming wedding day of Josh and Sarah in ...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taylor Girls | 6.21.11

We felt an instant friendship this evening. No warm-up time necessary! Mary Alex and Macy came all dressed up and ready to go! 

These girls were high energy! Super fun to be around! We need them along with us all the time! They are full of ideas for poses. You girls are too cute!

Next four in this canvas grouping are favorites! Such kindness and sweetness in these girls. It just seems to show right through!

Little competitive spirit! Definitely up for fun!

Mary Alex, you've got this down, girl!

And, you too, Macy!

What is it about water.  Kids love it!  And, there’s a little magic that comes out ...

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back
and realize they were the big things.

Last one. And a favorite!

Girls, you made this so much fun!  Can't wait for you to see more ... soon!  
- Kay

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brewer Family | 6.15.11

This was the sweetest session!  Our first look at little Riley.  And boy did she scrutinize our cameras!

Talk about coming "equipped" with fun things! 

Riley loved the fun and play with Dad and Mom. What a gentle spirit came inside this
adorable mint green dress, which was soon splotched with bubble solution!  No worries though.

Next four images ... absolute favorites!  Wish you could have heard the squeals.

  Looks like Riley is announcing ... "Ta-da!  This is my family!"

We'll take this kind of affirmation any day ... she's clapping for us ... don't you think?

I'm smiling ... the ponytails!  You are too cute, Riley.

Posing for pictures requires an occasional rest. :)

This little girl was on the go! 

Notice Riley has no shoes on [because my Mom took them off.]  Funny thing was, Riley didn't move around after that. She didn't like the feel of the grass under her feet.  One good thing to come from that ... this family shot! Click! Click!  We are always excited when we are able to catch everyone's eyes!

Thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful morning and this entire family!  - Kay