Wednesday, February 27, 2013

jill's scooter | 2.27.13

Kim and her brother, Taylor, are our best childhood friends from Alabama.  We lived two houses down from each other and spent many, many, many hours playing together, alternating whose backyard we'd use for a playground.  Kim got married a few weeks ago, and we so hated to miss the wedding.  But in honor of the special day, Kay and I took turns regaling Mom with our favorite escapades growing up in Alabama with Kim and Taylor.  We figured some of our blog readers might find them as amusing as Mom did...  :)

I saved an abandoned scooter from an overgrown yard once while I was out "helping" my Granddad with his yard work.  (It was black and yellow and orange - that means it was FAST.)  You've not lived till you've flown down the hill of Aubin Lane clinging precariously to my reclaimed scooter.  Anyway, I distinctly remember the day when out of the blue, Kim announced:
"Jill, that scooter isn't yours.  It's God's scooter."  
Once I got over the initial shock of her statement, I rode my scooter straight back to my own carport, where I was sure God couldn't get it.  Now, at 23, I realize she was simply trying to help me realize that as Christians, our material possessions aren't what really matter, and we should use them to honor God.  But at 9 years old, my only thought was, "That's ridiculous. God does NOT ride scooters."  ;)

Kay remembered a time when she was walking along, singing some sort of contemporary Christian song.  All of a sudden, Kim whirled around and exclaimed, "Kay!  Stop!  You need to be singing a hymn!  Let's all sing a hymn!"  She then proceeded to sing her favorite hymn at the top of her lungs.  :)  Kim always was the one who kept the four of us in line.  And we loved her all the more for it!  (We'll save our "Taylor stories" for later.)

"A friend loves at all times..."
                                      - Proverbs 17:17

When we moved from Alabama to Indiana, Kim and Taylor gave Kay Lynn and I this picture frame.  It has since resided in a place of honor on many different shelves, in 3 different states.  It looks a little more faded and worn than when it was first given to us, but no less special.  Now, in another new place, we still treasure those "old" friendships, and look forward to new ones.


P.S.  If you find our attire in the above image interesting, it might help you to understand that we were homeschoolers, and this picture just happens to have been taken on one of the days we were studying Lewis & Clark.  Our assignment from Mom and Mrs. Marilyn was to draw a map of our neighborhood.  This was completed, of course, while wearing buckskin fringed vests made of paper grocery bags.  BEST. ASSIGNMENT. EVER.