Sunday, January 1, 2012

a year's beginning | 1.1.12

2011 held many treasured moments and memories.  Treasured in your eyes, and in ours.  We are blessed to have so many opportunities to spend with you and the ones you love.  These images are just a few from this past year that are special to us.  

...A beautiful little princess. 

A bride... made especially beautiful by her love for God. 

Rachel!  A talented senior... who also acted as a side-shooter for Kay during Jill's time in Asia.

A crazy bunch of groomsmen.

Triplet brothers... sweet rascals.

Wedding day... many years in the waiting.

Josh, getting ready... after he and his groomsmen finished their video games.  :)

Three silly kids... who love their mom and dad.

Can't believe that this boy is big enough to "write" already... remembering when he was a newborn!

The new Mrs. Watkins.

Braeden... took a tumble. :)

An evening walk... over the bridge.

Sarah... who plays the ukulele.

A wedding party... full of dear friends.

Ben & McKenna... happy 3rd anniversary!

Brett came home... just in time to marry his bride Lindsey.

Meeting up with two familiar little boys... and their new baby brother. 

Sasha.... definitely part of the family.

Celebrating... five years of marriage.

Jody... anticipating the arrival of her groom.

Looking forward.... to the next phase of life.

Laughing together... enjoying one another's company.

In a favorite place... catching the last light of the evening.

We look forward to the new experiences that God has to offer us in 2012. 

Celebrating the joys and hopes of beginning a new year,
jill & kay