Thursday, June 30, 2016

Longview, Texas | Katlyn: SENIOR '16 (Part 2) | 6.30.16

Here it is... part 2 of Katlyn's senior session!

These are some favorites!

"Watch carefully,
The magic that occurs
When you give a person
Just enough comfort
To be themselves."
                     - Atticus

Katlyn, congratulations on your graduation!  We wish you all the best as you start college this fall!

Jill & Kay

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Longview, Texas | Katlyn: SENIOR '16 (Part 1) | 6.25.16

Prepared with a slew of carefully curated images, Katlyn (along with her dad, Jim) sat down with us at Panera one afternoon to show us exactly what she was looking for in a senior session.  We held our breath for half a second, and then smiled as we realized that what Katlyn seemed to love most.... was light.  

We like good light, too.  ;) 

Little sister, Karissa, was on the sidelines with their parents for emotional support during the shoot.  She helped bring out some of Katlyn's best smiles with some well-timed silly faces.  ;)

We had so many favorites from Katlyn's senior session ... we decided to make this "Part 1."  So stay tuned for "Part 2!"

Jill & Kay 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pursuing Eden | Styled: Lemonade Stand | 6.17.16

When we were kids, Dad built us a lemonade stand.  (Even at 9 and 5, we were entrepreneurs at heart.)  Basically, our road-side stand was a one stop shop.  You could buy fresh lemonade, ice cold water, custom bookmarks, handcrafted friendship bracelets... you know - the works. 

The one flaw in our business plan?  Location. You see, our early childhood home sat at the top of a very steep hill.  It also happened to be on a street that dead-ended into a cul-de-sac, meaning we didn't exactly get a lot of traffic.  But, had we been allowed to set up shop at our friend Justin's house down at the neighborhood entrance... we'd probably have millions of dollars in the bank today!!!  ;)

Speaking of lemonade ... we so enjoyed photographing this gorgeous setup out at Pursuing Eden!  Styled by Kristal Childs, this lemonade station is perfect for a spring wedding reception, or a summertime party!  

We especially liked the use of lemons in the flower arrangements.  So fresh and pretty!

Jill & Kay

Styling: Kristal Childs
Rentals & Market Cart: Pursuing Eden
Florals: Casa Flora

Saturday, June 11, 2016

London, Kentucky | Siler Wedding | 6.11.16

One day last October, my phone sounded a notification, signaling the arrival of a photo.  It showed a beaming Ariel, holding up a beautiful engagement ring, hugging a boyfriend-turned-fiance!  Zech had prepared an elaborate date night for the two of them, and then to wrap it all up... he proposed.  :)  Her answer to his question?  An obvious, yes!  

Fast forward to May 28th.  A day that had threatened rain all week... dawned bright and beautiful.  

Ariel and I were suite-mates in college, a simple title that in no way accurately describes the way our group of friends became family.  So the few hours of getting ready time were my favorite of the day, as they held a dear familiarity - complete with Brooke's strange antics and Ariel's responding laughter. :)  There was a full house of getting-ready helpers, too!  Zech's mom and sister manned the bedroom-turned-hair-parlor upstairs, and Ariel's mom and aunts and cousins braved the last minute steaming of the wedding gown.

Gotta love Zech's Kentucky style!  (Not a cowboy hat in sight, which told us we weren't in Texas anymore! :) ) We'd not had an opportunity to meet Ariel's groom-to-be prior to the wedding.  Over the weekend, we listened to his friends and family, learning from them that Zech is kind and loyal, with a heart that loves to worship God and longs to be like Christ. 

Our favorite part of a wedding day... the first look!

"... I have found the one whom my soul loves..."
                                                         - Song of Solomon 3:4

Ariel & Zech, we are excited for you as you seek the Lord in a new life together!  We pray for your marriage, and for your ministry - that both are blessed, guided, and strengthened solely by God. Much love to you, friends.

Jill & Kay


Mr. & Mrs. Siler's wedding day photos will soon be available to view at: