Friday, August 18, 2017

Longview, Texas | Raiford Family | Maternity | 8.18.17

Last fall, Erin mentioned in passing, that if they had a Raiford baby #3, she'd like to have some maternity photos.  Of course, I told her we'd be game for that!  :)  So when I opened my inbox to find an email from Erin, saying she was pregnant, we were thrilled!  

Andrew smiled and pointed to Erin's stomach, saying, "Who's in Mommy's tummy?" Eli jumped and Annie clapped, responding in unison, "Baby Fettuccine!"  We didn't know then... but we know now that "Baby Fettuccine" is actually a sweet little... BOY!  (A boy who has long since made his appearance, so we're running way behind on sharing this maternity session!  :) )

Raiford fam, we love you! And we look forward to meeting the newest little Raiford!  :)

Jill & Kay 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Miss Mary's Place | Alyssa & Chris | 8.3.17

Recently, Kay had the opportunity to walk through a wedding day from a perspective she's not seen in a while... that of the "side-shooter!"  She joined Tara of Tara Marie Photography for Chris & Alyssa's wedding day.  Miss Mary's Place looked beautifully bridal, as usual, and made a gorgeous backdrop for both ceremony and reception. 

Loved this particular spot.  It reminded me of our beautiful "old Kentucky home." 

Congratulations, Chris & Alyssa!  We wish you all the best!  And thank you Tara, for inviting me to shoot with you!

Kay (& Jill)