Monday, February 23, 2015

Longview, Texas | Boshell Family | 2.23.15

I don't know about you, but meeting someone who has lived in some of the same areas I've lived... it makes my world comfortably smaller.  (I love it!)  So when we made a "Sweet Home Alabama" connection with the Boshell family after meeting up for their mini session... it was just icing on the cake.  :)

Love these next two.  It goes from a sibling squeeze ... to runaway baby brother!  :)

We had such a beautiful light for the evening, and didn't Megan do a phenomenal job outfitting her crew? 

"When you step back to look at your life,
it's plain to see the greatest happiness 
is family happiness..."

Jill & Kay

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Longview, Texas | Addy | 2.19.15

Addy's bridal session was a highly anticipated event.  Her "crew" was well prepared for anything a Texas day could throw at us - including being armed with mini fans to keep the bride cool if need be.  (Brilliant idea!)  They kept Addy smiling with their off camera antics - and Kay and I laughed a bit ourselves.  :)  

"After all, there is something about a wedding gown...
 prettier than any other gown in the world." 
                                                                                              - Douglas Jerrold

Addy, thank you for letting us be part of such a sweet time in your life!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day | 2.14.15

Today would be my grandmother's birthday.  I've always felt Valentine's Day matched her perfectly.  She loved her family and friends with a deep, patient kind of love.  A kind of love that for my sister and I, was often expressed in hugs and kisses and laughter and never-ending art supplies from the bottom dresser drawer.  

(Please enjoy the above blast from the past.  Yes, those are matching hats & t-shirts, 
and yes, Ma-maw is rocking some very plaid shorts.)

If she were here today, we'd likely celebrate her birthday with strawberry milkshakes in the sunroom, along with pedicures and the brightest pink toenail polish known to mankind.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day!