Thursday, December 12, 2013

J is for Jill | Longview, Texas | 12.12.13

Today is December 12th.  Can you believe it?!  Each year when it gets close to Christmas, Jill and I put a budget on our gifts for each other.  Sometimes they have stipulations like, it has to be handmade or it has to be the color orange (ok, maybe that's a little too far).  :)  But this year, because I so enjoy giving gifts, I decided to do 25 days of Christmas.  Each day, Jill gets a card telling about her gift for the day.  Most of them are small, simple things that we can do together along with a couple of big things thrown in the mix.  I'm having a blast!!  On day 2, I took new bio pictures of her, and little did she know that they were for me to use on day 12!  

Since it's December 12th, here are 12 facts about Jill (and why she is so cool)! :)

1) She works hard.  Jill is a night owl and often does her best work during midnight and 3am, making YOU look really good.  :)  I will never understand how she does it!

2) She is what I like to call a "shiny fish" and is very talented in loving people.

3) She has this laugh…it's been known to be recorded and used as a ringtone. 

4) She reads.  When we were little I couldn't get her to put a book down to play Barbies with me.  In the end, it's worked out beautifully for me, because she has a wild imagination that allows me to scare her easily in the dark. 

5) She can SANG.  Seriously, I can't tell you how many times we have been stopped in gas stations, grocery stores, etc to have total strangers compliment the song she was humming or singing.  Am I jealous?  Yes.  I just tell people I taught her everything she knows ;) 

6) She is competitive…but then so am I.  Game night at the Tanners gets pretty wild!

7) She works with me - which isn't always easy!  Even though I'm very particular with things, it's the coolest to own a business with your sister. 

8) She likes Sci-Fi. One day she dove into a conversation using words such as worm hole, hyperdrive, interstellar, and warp speed.  I stood there, mouth open and dumbfounded.

9) She likes cheese.  I like cheese also, but not as much.  However, recently I've begun to be a big fan.  The other night we ventured out to buy a block of cheese.  It was fun!

10) She writes. I know, I know.  Most of you thought that I was the mastermind behind this lovely blog! (Occasionally, yes.)  But more often than not, this is Jill's zone.  And I think she's pretty good at it!

11) She is a story teller.  If you know Jill, then no doubt you already know this!  It's a talent really. She can make the most uninteresting story sound like a grand affair!  It was not until I was about 6 that I recognized the signs of when Jill was just "throwing me for a loop."  This was a good thing...considering at the time I thought I had been adopted from a lobster tank and dad was not my real dad.  (Of course, all courtesy of Jill.)

12) Oh yeah!  And she takes good pictures!  In all honesty, Jill has more passion for photography than I do (no worries, I still have plenty!).  She is the reason that Jill & Kay Photography exists, the reason we are still here after 5 1/2 years, and the reason we keep going.  We work as a team and thrive best together!

As a rule…I think she's cool.  Thanks for being my sister, sis!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Matt & Alison | Murchison, Texas | 11.27.13

In January, less than an hour after getting home from our first bridal fair, I received a text from a bride saying she was ready to book us and would put a check in the mail the next day.  What?!?!  Alison was ready to commit, and we hadn't even met her!  (Remember we've said before that Mom and Dad love to be part of things as well?!)  So all of Alison's conversation had taken place with Dad at the booth while Kay, Mom, and I had taken a quick break!   

Kay & I have been so blessed this year with a multitude of great weddings and clients.  And what better way to end our wedding season than with Matt & Alison!  November 9th was a beautiful day, perfect for a fall wedding.  (We won't forget the Bryant's wedding anniversary - as they share it with Mom and Dad!)  We arrived at Stone Oak Ranch to find a load of friends and family working together to complete Alison & Matt's wedding day dream.  Guys were working to unload hundreds of beautiful knockout roses, while the girls were circled up in the bridal suite, helping with Alison's hair and makeup.  Others set the tables with Matt's handmade heart ornaments and put the finishing touches on chalkboard signs.  

One of our favorite parts of a wedding day is the flurry of everyone getting ready.  During that timeframe, it's always fun to hear a variety of conversation like this one ...

Meagan (Maid of Honor, a.k.a. sister of the bride)
Does it feel weird that you are getting married today?
Alison:  Well it would be weird... if I weren't marrying Matt!    :)

First look...

While Matt and Alison have no shortage of friends (they packed out the place!), they chose to keep their bridal party simple.  Her sister, his brother.

Uncle Matt is well loved!

While Matt and Alison have no shortage of friends (they packed out the place!), they chose to keep their bridal party simple.  Her sister, his brother.  They chose rich fall colors, that worked beautifully with Alison's hopes for a sunset ceremony.  So as the sun began to sink and guests arrived, it provided gorgeous golden light that created just the magic she was looking for.

We always enjoy the moment when someone must let go of a little hand, leaving the ring bearer to walk down the aisle... alone.  You never know what will happen!  This little fella must have figured that if the girls got to carry baskets and flowers, he should at least carry a stick.  :)

Beautiful night...

We are loving this shot from our sideshooter, Weston, as Matt and Alison entered their reception and the celebration began!

Matt & Alison... it was a joy to be a part of your wedding day.  We have cherished the opportunity to get to know you and your families!

Jill & Kay

P.S.  Gotta give a shout out to our friend, helper, and human soft box stand - Weston!  Thanks for all your assistance!

Mr. & Mrs. Bryant's wedding day photos will soon be available to view at:

Venue:  Stone Oak Ranch
Florals:  La Tee Da Flowers
Cake:  Cakes by D'Anne
Band:  Otis & the Metro Band
String Quartet: Evergreen Strings