Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tex & Jessi | 6.26.13

He said ... She said ... I DO!  Here’s the proof!

Oh, but wait, we should back up just a little bit.  It was two summers ago that we snapped this picture of Jessi (then a bridesmaid) and Tex at our first family wedding.  The two of them had been dating since high school, and over the years, we slowly heard more and more about Jessi's boyfriend. 

We have heard so many stories from Dad over the years about growing up in the small town of Burlison, Tennessee (population 300), situated about six miles from the mighty Mississippi River. So for our family, this wedding had a “coming home” theme - literally. And, after ten months in Texas, we were looking forward to seeing some of those Tennessee hills!  Jessi and Tex chose to be married at Elm Grove United Methodist Church We couldn’t wait to see the little church out in the country, which had been home to Jessi’s (and ours!) great-grandmother Alvatta Baskin.  We were thrilled to take  part in this wedding ... in an extra special place for a very special couple.  

Loved that mile-wide smile as Tex sees Jessi for the first time!

Tex is a true gentleman!  We liked him immediately the first time we met and hoped we might see more of him ...  we will!  :)

Sisters.   (Sidenote: We heard the news, Taylor!  Congratulations on your engagement!)

Loved the shade of blue dresses that Jessi chose, and the special touches on her bouquet, including a brooch passed on to her from Tex's great-grandmother. 


Each bride and groom choose to personalize their wedding in different ways.  For Jessi and Tex, they did welcome baskets for out-of-town family and guests from seven different states! The little things always make a wedding event so special! So many hours spent on details and in preparation for their garden party theme reception with lots of help from family and friends! 

Tex is a fan of baseball.  A BIG fan.  :)  He's also a fan of cheesecake.  And let me tell you.  This cheesecake... was delicious! 

We've never seen a sweeter wedding wish than this one, written by a special little friend of Jessi's:

"Tex, okay so here's the deal.  Tbh.  (To be honest) I like you. 
I'd never thought I'd really tell you this.... Today you and Jessi are getting married.  
 I know you will take great care of my Jessi.  I hope y'all live happy ever after!"

“They are no longer two, but one ...”  
                                        - Matthew 19:6

Congratulations, Tex and Jessi!  

To view Tex and Jessi's rehearsal and family pictures, please visit   Their remaining wedding day images will be available at this same site on or before July 8th. 

Jill & Kay

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Nails Workshop: BRIDALS | 6.25.13

As photographers, Jill and I are constantly looking at photography work that inspires us.  About a year ago, we ran across Hunter Leone (also known as Three Nails Photography) and so enjoyed looking through his portfolio.  When I saw that he offered a workshop for photographers, I was so excited!  However - at the time, a trip from Eastern Kentucky to Shreveport, Louisiana was going to be quite a trek, so I decided to wait.  But I didn't have to wait long... we moved to Longview, which just so happens to be exactly one hour west of Shreveport!  :)

So recently, I had the opportunity to attend Hunter's workshop at the beautiful Los Paloma venue in Benton, LA.  While we spent time in the classroom, we also had the chance to do some hands on learning, with three different photoshoots.  This bridal session required us to get up before sunrise.  But when I saw the fog rising up off the bayou... I knew it was worth it!

The workshop photoshoots featured a styled fictional love story set during the 1800's and unfolding somewhere between the Louisiana bayou and the prairie.  Notice that Hunter added a bowler hat and lace parasol to set the tone for the bridal session.  (Wait until you see the vintage jacket from the 1800's that the bride wore for the "wedding!")

A definite favorite...

This is a good place to mention that while, yes, we do individuals of a bride and groom on their wedding day, it is great to have a session with just the bride, in her wedding gown, before the big day.  Because there is so much happening on your wedding day, we encourage our brides to consider a bridal session!  It gives you a chance to practice moving around in your dress and shoes, as well as offers the opportunity for a trial run on hair and makeup. Plus, it allows us a little more room for creative freedom!  (Another idea:  Makes for a great surprise gift for your groom!)  :)

Be assured, if the idea of donning your dress early makes you nervous, especially in an outdoor setting, there are ways to protect the dress that will help you feel at ease!

One of my favorite things about being around other photographers is watching them work. So enjoyed seeing how Hunter worked to pose our bride!

Would you have ever imagined a moss-covered tree to be a "gold mine"!  :)

Many thanks to...

Styling and Props: Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography
Hair and Makeup: Meka Bennett Reliford

Stay tuned for the styled Engagement and Wedding shoots for this 1800's prairie wedding.