Sunday, February 19, 2012

hello winter. | 2.19.12

Yes, I realize it is the middle of February, and we've technically been in the middle of winter for a while now.  However, seeing as how last week I was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, and last night I only needed a light sweater... it looks like, although quite a bit late... winter has actually, finally, fully arrived.  Despite my self-proclaimed and rather extreme dislike of snow, right now - I'm enjoying it.  I have so many dear memories of snowy days.  Growing up in Indiana, I used to love (on occasion) trekking around our cul-de-sac, dragging our bright orange sled behind me.  And as a little girl in Alabama, we would push each other down Mrs. Cookie's driveway in big cardboard boxes until we were so cold that our noses were glowing red, loving every minute of it.

So today, feeling a bit nostalgic, I layered on the warm clothing and took a walk.  I ended up on the edge of campus, sitting in a favorite place, watching the snow fall.  Peaceful, and beautiful.

"...As we enter God's courts, as we draw near His throne,
let our thankful, glad praises now ring.
In silence, in song, we rejoice;
all creation gives voice!" 

So if you've got snow... bundle up and enjoy it!

jill <><