Friday, March 28, 2014

Jamie | Colorado Springs, Colorado | 3.28.14

One of the (many) reasons I enjoy IPS's live classes, is that I get to spend some time in beautiful Colorado. It's a welcome change of scenery from the piney flat woods of East Texas.  And for our class finals, we get to shoot in places like this... Garden of the Gods - in Colorado Springs.  The day of my last final was much like today... a little bit dreary - but not enough to deter us from shooting!  :)

The Garden of the Gods is beautiful, and undeniably speaks of a Creator - the One God of the Bible.  And reminds me of this verse:

   "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."
                                                   - Isaiah 55:12

I'm happy to introduce my sweet friend and model for my Portraiture and Lighting final, Jamie Conzatti.  Not only is she a phenomenal cook, but she also is a huge part of keeping things organized at IPS.  :)  (And seriously - you will be SO happy that I'm sharing Jamie's cookie recipe with you!)

And my hands down, all around favorite...

Jamie, I truly had a blast getting to know you.  I thoroughly enjoyed our rides in the van, hanging out in the kitchen and our talks by the fireplace.  You are such an inspiring person and I looking forward to seeing you again soon!  Thanks for being my model!  :)


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nantucket | Longview, Texas | 3.13.14

I don't know if you realize... but East Texas is home to dozens of wedding and event venues.  It has been quite a treat for us to explore!  One venue we've enjoyed is right here in Longview, a nautical themed place, called Nantucket.  

Sharon, Mrs. Peggy's daughter, decided she wanted to have her own wedding festivities at home on their beautiful property.  It wasn't long until they realized they had potential for a very special event venue - and launched Nantucket. 

As photographers, Kay and I are always looking for places with the best light.  Nantucket during those final few hours of light...?  Golden!

Nantucket is definitely a family affair!  Being a sister duo whose parents often pitch in behind the scene, we definitely appreciate that!

We have thoroughly enjoyed knowing Mrs. Peggy and her family.  She has been a joy to be around, and we have been made to feel so welcome by her from the very beginning!  We know that you will feel the same!  

If you're interested in using Nantucket for your event or wedding and would like more information, call Peggy at #903.261.7510 to schedule a visit!  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FIELD TRIP | El Capitan Beach, California | 3.5.14

Creatio ex communitas
... the creation of a community.

Being part of a community is crucial in life.  We need relationships!  A crew of people recognized a need for a new type of community within the world of photographers, and had an idea of how to begin... with a Field Trip.  A time to build relationships, to bounce ideas, to refresh and rejuvenate your creativity.  I (Kay!) quickly applied for a spot, and myself, along with over 200 fellow photographers, gladly took the opportunity to go on a Field Trip to El Capitan Canyon in beautiful California!

For three days I had the chance to sit with, listen too, learn from, and even shoot beside other photographers who are changing the way our industry works around the world.  Photographers whom Jill & I have followed online for years, like Jill Thomas and Dan O'Day were suddenly right in front of me, sharing stories and lessons they've learned.  Talk about being inspired!

(You'll notice the mud boots... they were a common sight!  Traveling and camping across New Zealand prepared me well for being flexible where weather is concerned!)  :)

Did I mention that the Field Trip crew worked hard to make this weekend a real treat for us photographers?  All the sponsors and instructors had a plethora of information to give out, plus, I was super excited to bring home some new "camping gear."  :)  

This was a great place to camp out for a few days! 

Thanks for a great weekend, Field Trip crew!
Next year, I'm gonna take Jill with me.  :)