Monday, February 22, 2016

Waco, Texas | Magnolia Market | 2.22.16

See more of Texas.  That was a personal goal for 2015.  So after a "Fixer Upper" marathon on HGTV, it was decided: we needed to do a little day-trippin' to Waco, Texas!  We were gonna see Magnolia Market for ourselves!  (And hey, if we saw Chip & Joanna... I wasn't above asking a home renovation question or two.)

While we (obviously) enjoyed looking at evvvery siiiingle item in Magnolia Market, the best part was the "come & stay a while" atmosphere.  The weather was perfect for claiming a picnic table and sampling some utter deliciousness from the food trucks parked out back.

So thanks, Magnolia Market, for providing a reason for us to take a day and get away.  We enjoyed it!  (And we were reminded how much we appreciate the trees of East Texas.) :)

Jill & Kay

P.S.  We rounded out our day by visiting the Texas Ranger Museum there in Waco. (Our Aunt Dora Jo's dad was a Ranger.  And seriously, who doesn't love Chuck Norris as Walker, Texas Ranger?!?!)  And on the way out of town, our last stop was a local frozen custard place called "Katie's."  DELISH.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Longview, Texas | Kaitlyn | 2.20.16

When Kaitlyn contacted us about taking some dance photos in preparation for her May recital, we were so excited for the opportunity.  While neither of us are (or ever were) any kind of (good) dancer, we think it's pretty neat to watch someone who knows what they're doing!  :)

Kaitlyn - from the little bit we saw, we think you're a wonderful dancer!

Talk about flexibility...

Kaitlyn, we enjoyed our session with you, and are confident you'll dance beautifully in your recital!  :)

Jill & Kay

P.S.  If "the sprinkler" is a dance move that impresses you, then we take back the previous statement about bad dancing... we're TOTALLY legit!!!  ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Longview, Texas | Newborn: Elliot | 2.16.16

Introducing... Elliot Edward Larue!

Handsome little Elliot was only 10 days new when we got the chance to spend the afternoon with him.  Snuggly and tiny and sweet - he behaved better on his photoshoot than some adults we've seen!  ;) 

Alex & Jessica have turned a guest bedroom into the cutest, coziest nursery, just perfect for a little boy!  We especially liked the red rocking chair stationed in one corner.  (A rocker which most certainly has gotten a lotttt of use!)  :)

And Lilly was not to be left out in the process!  She wanted to know just what it was we were doing with that baby! 

Oh that sweet little grin! 

A favorite... :)

Elliot, you are such a treasured gift from the Lord!  Alex & Jessica, thank you for inviting us to be part of a special new season in the life of your family.  :)

Jill & Kay

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Longview, Texas | the Valdez Family | 2.11.16

Often times, we hear families with little kids say that they avoid group photos like the plague.  Short attention spans and high energy levels are sure to equal horrible family photos, right?  WRONG!  What we love most about sessions with families and young children is the chance to showcase the realness of life at this moment.  And this exact moment might not be totally perfect, but it sure is special.

We're glad the Valdez family gave us the chance to document their crew at this time in life.  There were a lot of silly faces and noises and giggles, plus a lot of... acrobatics... :)

Such a sweet little gal... her baby doll was never too far away!

We'll end with our favorites.  Priceless expressions!  :)

Jill & Kay