Monday, June 17, 2019

Miss Mary's Place | Mr. & Mrs. Gosch | 6.17.19

Friends and family gathered from all over the world (literally!) for Daniel & Sherene's wedding day. It was one of this spring's most beautiful days - bright and warm - perfect for their intimate outdoor ceremony. And there was no way to miss Daniel's wide smile as his bride walked down the aisle that evening!

Daniel & Sherene, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Gosch! 

Jill & Kay

Friday, May 10, 2019

Bride's Chapel | Mr. & Mrs. Taylor | 5.10.19

For the entirety of their wedding day, Trevor's smile was a mile wide, and Maggie Jo's was an equal match. While the day started off quite stormy, after the ceremony, the skies cleared and the sun shone bright... just in time for the celebration!  

It rained a bit (okay, a lot) in the hours leading up to the wedding, but this side porch was a perfect spot for a first look.

"...and the two are united into one."
                                  - Matthew 10:8

The Tanner family loves a party, and will take any excuse to celebrate ... especially if it involves balloons. So we were big fans of the bright balloons tied down to the middle of each table at Trevor & Maggie Jo's reception. They perfectly matched the spirit of celebration coming from the guests gathered together - doubly so once they began to get out on the dance floor!

"I get to love you.
It's the best thing that I'll ever do.

I get to love you.
It's a promise I'm making to you:

Whatever may come your heart I will choose.
Forever I'm yours, Forever I do.
I get to love you" 

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!

Jill & Kay